reddit Users Love PRIV. Here’s Why.

reddit B&W PRIV photo

It’s been almost 3 weeks since BlackBerry released its first Android smartphone, and the positive reviews are still pouring in. And why shouldn’t they be? There’s a lot to praise about the phone, from its keyboard to its battery to its camera.

It’s not just major outlets who are giving the PRIV their love, either. People who’ve spent a bit of time with the device are taking to the web in droves to let everyone know what they think. reddit’s no exception – see for yourself.

(Be sure to also check out our previous roundup of reddit commentary, our social media roundup, and buyer commentary on the PRIV’s best features)

Crowd Pleaser

“Went to a family gathering yesterday and showed my Priv off a little. My brother wanted to see it and while he was looking at it, a few other relatives filtered over and also wanted to take a look at it. After that, every time I took my phone out, anyone around me would see it and ask about it.

What was interesting was the reaction to the Priv. Everyone had the same reaction: they really liked it AND, I kid you not, every single person said, ‘This is a Blackberry? I didn’t realize they were still around.’” (Source)

BlackBerry Priv Black and White KeyboardRight-o!

“I’m completely brand new to the physical keyboard world and I am loving it. I’m starting to develop better habits using it but I’m still not as fast as I usually am on an on screen keyboard. It’s a dream to use and I’m surprisingly accurate on it.” (Source)

PRIVileged Audio

“Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, but I use my phones generally in the car, and so music / calls are almost always routed via Bluetooth to a Mercedes Benz console. In the past year or so I’ve used a Note 4, a LG G3, a Samsung S6 and as expected Bluetooth audio was always pretty much the same, I thought there was a standard (albeit a low one).

However, with the Priv I’ve been blown away by how good Bluetooth audio is, I don’t know how or why, but it is really so much better than my S6.

I’ve even done tests disconnecting and connecting the two – it’s night and day.”(Source)

Feels Good, Man

The phone is amazing, feels like a Nexus device, plus the keyboard and SD card are nice touches. Seriously can’t wait for Marshmallow to come to it.” (Source)

It’s The Little Things That Count

PRIV reddit Image Two“What really gets me here is the little things, like near stock Android. It’s beautiful, and BlackBerry has done some tasteful additions to the device thus far. Like being able to set the color temperature, the ability to change icon packs on the stock launcher, and having varied options for recents. The included ambient the display is a nice touch too.

A Satisfied Fandroid

“Put it to you this way, I’m a stock Android junkie and I love this thing. Ever since first rumours I’ve wanted it and it has yet to disappoint me. The usability of the keyboard as a giant trackpad has proven to be more handy than I first thought.

All about Appearances

As a final word, the screen is gorgeous, and that slight curve just makes it shine so much more.” (Source)

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

“Got mine last week and it’s awesome; I am very happy with mine. Through DTEK I learned my Yahoo Mail app accessed information from my phone over 1,700 times within the 2 days I had it on my phone, including access to my photos and texts (I did not send/receive any e-mails during that time). Very eye opening! The functionality of Android and the privacy features of Blackberry makes this the best cell phone on the market. (My two cents)” (Source)

Not Just Nostalgia

“I’ll start. Pop up widgets are dope af. And the touchscreen keyboard is a pretty damn good version. I find myself using it more than the physical keyboard – but don’t let that take away it’s thunder. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s been years since I’ve touched a physical keyboard on a phone but this one brings back good memories.” (Source)

Older PRIV user

Tactile Typing

“A friend of mine bought one, and he likes the way he can type. He is in his 60’s and make too many errors on a touchscreen. He likes the clicky clicky. I tried it and it seems good, but I have a few years to go on my nexus contract to change in midstream. In ~~2 years I will assess things and if the Priv has endured, I might buy it.” (Source)

Weekend Fling

“…a weekend with the Priv and I’m sold on the portrait slider concept.” (Source)

Have you ordered your PRIV yet?

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What do Users Have to Say about the PRIV’s Camera, Battery, Display, Keyboard and more?

BlackBerry PRIV Display

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the PRIV first hit the market, and people couldn’t be happier with it. It’s gotten rave reviewsbeen talked about endlessly on social media, and been featured in a plethora of great unboxing videos. Not surprisingly, people are buzzing about it on the larger web, as well.

And why shouldn’t they be? Between its super-powered battery, incredible display, awesome cameratop-notch physical keyboard, and focus on user privacy, the PRIV really is one of the best Android devices currently on the market. And it isn’t just reviewers who agree with that sentiment, either.

Just take a look at how your fellow readers and smartphone enthusiasts feel about all the PRIV has to offer.

The Display

“Love it! Big learning curve having never used Android, but doing my homework, and being constantly surprised by what the phone will do. Images on the display are incredible. Not sure if there’s anything I’ll miss about my Q10 except the keys on the physical keyboard are harder to read, and the touch of the keys isn’t as familiar on the Priv, but hopefully that will come with time.“ (Source)

“…Lastly, the screen is amazingly clear watching videos.” (Source)

PRIV Right Angle Shot Slider Open

“I love mine so far. It’s rock solid, fast, beautiful, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever with it. It was a great buy and a supreme upgrade from my Xperia Z3 (which I did like btw). Anyone who says this phone isn’t worth $700 is obviously looking for different things in a phone than I am. My list (which the Priv knocks out of the park):

  1. Great Multimedia Experience (Loud external Speaker, great screen, good headphone output)
  2. Very long battery life
  3. Unique, value added software
  4. Stable and fast.” (Source)

“That display though…..The display is beautiful. If you buy this device for media consumption you won’t be disappointed.” (Source)

The Battery

“I’ve used the Priv for about a week now – probably the best phone I’ve ever had. Previous phones include iPhone 6, OnePlus One and Samsung Galaxy S5. If you don’t care for the selfie camera, this phone provides amazing battery life. I have never ever got to a “low battery” situation after the day I bought it whereas with iPhone 6 I was pretty much holding onto my dear life when I couldn’t use my GPS driving in a foreign city.” (Source)

“For a price of $700 US dollar you get a physical/virtual keyboard, plus an extra slot for a micro SD card up to 2TB. And the battery lasts forever.  I added to my device with 128GB for a total of 160GB of space.  My final reaction after 5 – 6 days of use: WOW” (Source)

PRIV's keypad

The Keyboard

“My Priv arrived today! Over the past four years, I have used the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy 6, and the HTC One. This phone blows them all away for those of us that actually have to get real things done. No offense to those who spend all their time posting on Facebook and Instagram, but that isn’t me and it isn’t what I need a phone for. I need to type e-mails to people who expect the e-mails without typos. With the Priv, I again feel confident in sending e-mails to important clients. So glad this device is here.” (Source)

“This is an amazing phone. It looks great, feels great in the hand. The Slider opens quickly and easily, the best keyboard in the business, or use the virtual keyboard if you prefer. The combination of the large display and the physical keyboard, the superb security, the incredible battery, and all the Android apps you’d ever want, make this an unbeatable choice for a premium smartphone.” (Source)

“Such a good phone. Never knew how much I missed the keyboard until I started using one of these” (Source)

“That sweet moment is when you are talking to someone and paying full attention + making eye contact, but typing out a long message to someone on your phone at the same time. That’s when the physical keyboard REALLY shines. You can type on that thing, fully, with proper punctuation, without looking at the phone whatsoever and have 0 typos. It definitely has its advantages.” (Source)

“Wow, the keyboard functionality is really impressive.” (Source)

“I was waiting for an android phone with a physical keyboard for a long time. Virtual ones take one half of the screen and make it difficult to read what you are typing in some browsers/webpages. It’s annoying.” (Source)

“It’s better than I could have imagined. I’ve been waiting for a phone like this for 4 years. It actually makes me upset that Apple convinced the world that physical keyboards are unnecessary. I’ve been using the Priv’s PKB like my life depends on it. Love it!” (Source)

PRIV by Blackberry Camera for adThe Camera

“Just a follow up to some of the concerns I’ve seen in other reviews. The camera is faster. And much faster since all the apps were updated. There is only milliseconds between pressing the button and the picture being taken. The detail in the pictures are amazing!” (Source)

“I’ve been testing the camera and it is on par with other high end devices. I have read and seen this in reviews and I’m wondering if they actually use it. I compared it to a galaxy edge and 950. I did not see an appreciable difference. I’m not a professional photographer but I’m also not a fanboy.” (Source)

“I have a Priv and the rear camera is awesome. I don’t get the hate for it. It’s way better than my iPhone six and the detail is crazy. So far everyone I’ve show pictures too think they are great. IPhone users and android users. It was a bit slow to focus initially but not anymore.” (Source)

User Privacy

“Security is going to be more important than framerates on gaming very soon. All the young people are growing up and will get it more and more.” (Source)

“DTEK remains extremely useful.  Android typically will leave an app running but it should not normally be executing when it doesn’t have focus — that is, when it’s not being displayed.  Yeah, so they say.  There are a lot of apps, however, that do — and they keep hitting location information and reporting it…Needless to say, not only is this a huge privacy problem it also burns the hell out of your battery.  DTEK exposes this sort of stupidity immediately.” (Source)

The Operating System

BlackBerry Priv Black and White Keyboard“Blackberry deserves a ton of credit with this Android gamble. In the end, it looks as though they can help the productivity of Androids operating system. It’s only going to get better as their talented crew brings updates regularly. Win-win for both.” (Source)

“Can I just say… for every one of you who dissed us BlackBerry users just because of apps and couldn’t actually see past that…you lost. Now you know. Welcome to our world…albeit Android layered with BlackBerry 10’ish type experience. I’ve got the phone too so not hating. We can all be friends now but I feel so vindicated for sticking with BlackBerry all that time.

Long live BlackBerry. Long live Android.” (Source)

“The feature tweaks BlackBerry did and their edge feature looks a lot better than my s6 edge plus. Like the notifications reminders, I’d actually use.” (Source)

“I DO have a Priv, and overall… I’m loving it.

I WAS a Blackberry 10 user from Z10 launch to Priv launch, and Blackberry did a lot of great things with it. But Android and iOS just hold too much mind-share to compete now. Android was a difficult, but smart move. The phone is a beast. I do miss a few things on my Z30, but I have been very happy with this purchase…I highly recommend the Priv to everyone else.” (Source)

“I received my Priv today and I can vouch that you won’t be disappointed. It combines some of the best BlackBerry features with Android in a seamless format. Try it out. BlackBerry is back!” (Source)


So what are you waiting for? Order a PRIV for yourself, and join the chorus of satisfied Blackberry customers, new and old. Or check out our ongoing holiday sale (ending Dec. 1), you can enjoy these stellar prices on the Passport:

Black: $399

White: $399

Silver Edition: $499

Enjoy great prices on the Classic and Leap at ShopBlackBerry, too. Click on the banner below:

ShopBB Black Friday Banner



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High-Powered Fashion Maven Stays In Style With Her BlackBerry Passport (Pictures, Video)

Stacey Jones Looking At Passport on Balcony

Stacey Jones doesn’t have time to waste. In her multiple roles as fashion director for As If magazine, a large-format luxury fashion and art magazine, as well as a cutting-edge stylist and creative director for a fashion line, Jones must stay on track and focused at all times to get her job done.

Jones is rarely working on one thing at a time, and she says her BlackBerry Passport is her essential multi-tasking tool. On the day we spoke with her, she was working on a photo shoot, checking out the latest fashion news, looking at images of design samples from her design team, taking photos and posting images on Instagram, answering emails and texts, all from her Passport.

If As If isn’t a household name along the lines of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue or Marie Claire, just wait. In only seven issues, it’s won more than 40 national and international platinum and gold awards for best new magazine, best editorial design, best art direction and best photography. Under Jones’s direction, it’s featured layouts with luminaries including Daniel Radcliffe, Christina Ricci and Uzo Aduba in gorgeous, artistic photos.

Stacey Anderson And Colleague With Passport

As If, with its focus on “individuals who have made a creative mark in our society in art, fashion, design, architecture, music, film, and all forms of creative expression” seems to be the perfect canvas for Jones’s blend of creativity, intellect and beauty, not to mention her high-energy drive for success.

Early in her career, she discovered BlackBerry and how essential it was to keep her on the fast track. “I’ve been a BlackBerry fan from the very beginning,” Jones said. “This wonderful machine keeps me very organized, and that’s crucial for me to be able to accomplish everything that I have to accomplish on a daily basis. I’m naturally an organized person, so I appreciate a device that can help me manage that.”

(Skip to the bottom of this post to check out our holiday sale at ShopBlackBerry launched Nov. 24, where you can save up to 20% off already-discounted prices for BlackBerry phones such as the Passport, Passport Silver Edition, Classic and Leap. And watch the video interview above that we filmed with Jones, and check out these other Passport users, including celebrity chef Tyler Florence, a top fashion blogger, an international video game company executive, a Vegas music promoter, a technology journalist, a Mexican TV star, a team of world-champion athletes, a Hollywood actor, a pro golfer, and a chart-topping rock star.)

An Extraordinary Journey

While Jones didn’t set out for a career in high fashion, in many ways her journey to become one of the hottest young faces in the fashion publishing world was both extraordinary and inevitable.

When most 10-year-olds were into pop music and Disney movies, Jones was adorning her bedroom walls with high-fashion photos cut from W magazine and Vogue. Her stylish mother was her earliest fashion inspiration, but still was none too pleased with her daughter’s habit of redecorating her bedroom walls with the images that captured her already keen eye.

Stacey Anderson Passport Research

“I was fascinated with magazines, particularly fashion magazines” as a child, Jones said. “Every season I would change it, I would rip down the [pictures on my] walls, and my mom was not too happy because she really liked the wallpaper that she had put up in my room, and I was covering it all.”

A strong math student, she enrolled in the University of Kansas’s engineering program. During breaks from studying soil chemistry or physics, she’d find herself paging through the college library’s fashion magazines, looking at the clothing or studying photo composition.

After graduating with an engineering degree, she worked briefly in 3D animation, seeking a way to blend her analytical engineer’s mind with her creative talent. Fortunately, it opened a door into the magazine industry when she was hired as a page layout designer for Playboy‘s lingerie books, and she turned it into an opportunity to learn.

Stacey Anderson Keeping Up To Date“I was like a sponge,” Jones said. Even though she had no background in the publishing business, she made it her personal mission to learn everything she could about it. “It was now starting to come to fruition — the things were clicking now. I was getting it. I still didn’t know that I didn’t really know what a fashion editor was per se, but I was starting to understand it. I was there for four years, just really learning everything I possibly could about that business, and I loved it. I knew that that was it. Magazines were going to be it for me.”

Passion For Fashion Wins

Her decision to launch her own fashion stylist business seemed like a bold move: she’d never worked as a fashion editor or assistant, wasn’t taught how to acquire fashion samples for a photo shoot, and possessed no real portfolio of her own. But her lack of direct experience was no obstacle.

Within a couple of weeks of going out on her own, she was doing test shoots with renowned fashion photographer David Anthony. Shortly thereafter, Anthony tapped her to be the stylist on a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. Talk about on-the-job training: Jones used her innate creativity, confidence and intellect and managed all the details to make the shoot a success. She quickly became an in-demand fashion stylist for top magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle and Chicago Magazine.

Stacey Anderson Jones Clothes Rack

“In a span of a year I went from having zero tear sheets and editorials to having a plethora of them, from all international editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazine. It was incredible,” said Jones in our recent conversation.

When asked what it takes to succeed in the competitive fashion magazine industry, Jones told Exclusively Fashion magazine, “You absolutely need to have tremendous passion, drive, perseverance, patience and persistence. Know who you are, know what you want out of the business, and be very clear about it. … If you’re willing to do the work and sacrifice, then you will succeed.  You have to have your own vision and really push that vision.”

Stacey Jones: Queen of BlackBerry

Stacey Anderson Jones Discussing Business

Jones says that passion and vision includes her BlackBerry Passport. Her friends call her the “Queen of BlackBerry” for her persistent championship of BlackBerry.

She was thrilled to trade her older BlackBerry up to the Passport because of all of the new features that make her even more productive and efficient than ever before.

She says, “I adore it so much that I have converted two different companies – one a renowned fashion PR office and the other an education technology firm – to purchasing the Passport and giving up their iPhones for themselves and their employees.”

Passport Keeps Jones’s Eye On The Big Picture

Jones’s business is all about images and communication, so it’s not surprising that her favorite Passport features are the camera, the screen and BlackBerry Hub, and how they all work together to support her busy work life.

The camera’s quality is ideal for fashion show videos and photos, Jones said. “I use Instagram a lot – I’m taking pictures and I’m posting them, then I have to make up documents in Excel spreadsheets, and I have to send those emails off to people who need to again see budgets that I have to put together,” Jones told us. “I’m constantly moving, and that’s one beauty about the Passport: It keeps me very efficient.”

Stacey Anderson Using Passport For Fabric Selection

Jones said the BlackBerry Passport’s large, high-quality display helps make her more efficient because “I can see details in photos so extremely clearly,” she said. To prepare for a photo shoot, she has to look at dozens of photos of clothing and accessories from designers, select what garments she wants to use, then communicate quickly to line up all of the details – often for a photo shoot that’s happening the next day.

The Passport allows her to compile and submit the request directly from the device. She said she can create an email or attachment “while I’m talking to this person saying, ‘You’re going to be receiving this email shortly with the looks that I want.’ Or I’m looking at fabrics saying, ‘I really like the blue fabric,’ or, ‘The black organza would be my preference.’”

Jones boasted, “I have literally put entire requests together standing in line in airport security. I’ve had the entire thing done before I’m even on that airplane.”

Jones says that her Passport helps her balance her extremely active schedule. “Because I have my hands in so many different projects, and many come sort of last minute, I always have to be prepared and organized. It’s crucial for me to be able to get everything done, and compartmentalize things not just in my head, but then also physically, making sure that I make clients happy, as well as overseeing things to make sure that it’s moving according to plan.”

Stacey Anderson Jones Typing On BlackBerry Passport

About that plan … while Jones’s goals in engineering school certainly didn’t include a job in high fashion publishing, she shows how the right attitude and tools make it possible to blend your passion with your livelihood. She said, “I’m living the life I’ve always wanted to live and dreamed of living even before I knew what this was.”

Pricing and Availability

Get a factory-unlocked BlackBerry Passport from our global shopping portal, (check with your local carrier for device compatibility). With our ongoing holiday sale (ending Dec. 1), you can enjoy these stellar prices on the Passport:

Black: $399

White: $399

Silver Edition: $499

Enjoy great prices on the Classic and Leap at ShopBlackBerry, too. Click on the banner below:ShopBB Black Friday Banner

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BBM Advertisers Are Capitalizing on the Shift From Holiday Shopping Marathons to Moments


Holiday shopping is shifting from “marathons” to “moments,” Google revealed on its Inside AdWords blog recently. Instead of crack-of-dawn pilgrimages and daylong missions, people are using their mobiles to take advantage of free minutes here and there – waiting for a train, standing in line for coffee – to get through their lists. The historically big shopping days are becoming smaller, both online and off. (Except for Singles’ Day! More on that below.)

As consumers, our shopping sessions are shorter and more focused. We’re using the mobile channel to discover products, learn about them, and buy them. Mobile shopping is steadily growing in the UK, US, China and elsewhere, widely predicted to soon become the biggest piece of the e-commerce pie.

Singles’ Day is the exception – but increasingly mobile

Singles’ DayiStock_000071052995_Medium is a celebration of being single. It originated in China among college students as a kind of anti-Valentine’s Day, with the general idea being that single people should treat themselves to a bargain for the occasion. It’s now spreading to other Asian countries with Chinese populations.

In the last few years, it has become the biggest online shopping day in the world. Singles’ Day is therefore bucking the trend that Google cites, of historically big shopping days becoming smaller. (This year, online marketplace Alibaba reported $14.32 billion in sales, making it the biggest online shopping day ever.)

But Singles’ Day traffic is right in line with the other trend: the shift to mobile. This year, 73% of purchases made on Alibaba in the first hour came via mobile, and 68% of overall sales.

It’s all part of the larger trend of people spending more time on mobile than on any other channel. And where the people go, advertisers follow.

BBM bustling for the holidays

That’s what we’re seeing this year in BBM: increased activity from advertisers and consumers. We served our first ads in BBM in July 2015, and introduced video in September. Our busy ad marketplace has ramped up at lighting speed to over 1 billion ad requests every day by October. Now the number is over 1.4 billion.

Helping that growth is a steady stream of new campaigns from e-commerce companies Blibli, Elevenia, Lazada, OLX, Qoo10, Rakuten and Tokopedia. We’ve also seen a lot of interest in our sponsored sticker packs from consumers and brands. Recently, we’ve added:bunny

  • Le Lapin Duracell, a holiday-themed Duracell sticker pack targeted to French users
  • MasterCard Rugby Emoji, a Rugby World Cup 2015 sticker pack targeted to the UK
  • Orijin Emoji Keyboard, promoting the Origin beverage in Nigeria
  • Toko Fashion Online, a fashion shopping sticker pack from Zalora targeted to Indonesians

Putting payment in place

This massive shift to the mobile channel is why we’re hard at work making it easier to shop on BBM. We’re already helping consumers and brands connect in meaningful ways. Now, we’re working on launching one-click payments in our top markets.

We recently updated BBM Pay, which includes BBM Money, which provides instant mobile payments, as well as credit card and bank transfer services to users of the app on all major platforms in Indonesia – the second-fastest e-commerce growth market in the world. Next, we’re looking to provide similar services in Africa and the Middle East.

Why one-click payments? Amazon pioneered one-click payments in the ’90s, making it faster than ever to get what you needed. Apple licensed the patent for its iTunes store, which effectively became one of the first successful mobile payment processes with the launch of iPhone. One-click payments are a big reason Über and similar services are so popular.

Simply put: one-click purchasing reduces barriers to purchase, which as any marketer knows, is a sure-fire way to increase sales.

As consumers enthusiastically embrace mobile shopping, we’ll continue to spur things along, providing the tools consumers want to connect with the brands they care about, to take advantage of shopping moments throughout their days and easily make purchases.

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Why BlackBerry’s Android is Best for Security and Privacy

Android shield

One of the complaints about Android has been fragmentation, which applies to security as well as user experience. Today, there are lots of small companies offering “hardened” Android implementations that purport to offer enhanced security and privacy. Unfortunately for buyers, there does not exist today an independent means to evaluate vendor security claims in any scientific way. It comes down to: whom do you trust?

At BlackBerry, we avoid denigrating other people’s products or making misleading comparisons. We would rather explain the technical details of our solution and allow buyers to judge based on those details as well as past performance of delivering on our claims.

In our PRIV security and privacy blog series, we have outlined the major prongs of BlackBerry’s Android security strategy, of which OS hardening is just one piece. BlackBerry’s security incident response strategy (including rapid patching) is one example of how buyers must consider not only the device but also the company behind the device and that company’s past success and commitment to putting your security and privacy first.

Indeed, with daily breaches of personal information and a widespread media focus on the debate between encryption and lawful access, it has become fashionable for consumer tech companies to claim unwavering support for your privacy.   Your trust is not something that can be cajoled with an essay or bought with advertising dollars; it must be earned over time, by a steadfast dedication to and successful track record in protecting your information while it is under the supervision of our devices, applications, and cloud.

BlackBerry has delivered for over a decade while others promise. Fifteen years of mobile devices protecting the privacy of your messages, contacts, phone calls, e-mail; trillions of instant messages securely and privately delivered; protecting your valuable information across all walks of life, nations, and industries – privacy is deeply interwoven into BlackBerry’s DNA and is top of mind for all of us who work every day to bring you a productive, fun, and secure mobility experience.

Now let us talk about a few more of those technical details, including a discussion around Android versions.

PRIV initially shipped with Android Lollipop (L) 5.1.1. Google has released Android 6 Marshmallow (M) to device makers, and BlackBerry is in the process of integrating the new release. Marshmallow adds a number of security enhancements. However, when it comes to “hardening” Android, BlackBerry’s special sauce includes numerous additional improvements independent of the Android version number, such as:

  • Supply chain security for hardware root of trust. That means we “sign” all of our hardware with digital keys at the manufacturing level to ensure device integrity.
  • Improvements to the Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) security technique that are not in Android L or M and make it far more difficult for malware – even something like Stagefright – to exploit Android software bugs.
  • Improvements to the SELinux mandatory access control policy system not in L or M.
  • The Pathtrust utility, which goes above L or M in ensuring that untrusted code cannot be introduced into the system dynamically via malware.
  • Hundreds of hardening improvements to the Linux kernel and Android service framework to enable features like DTEK, our new app that helps you protect your own security and privacy.
  • Tamper-proofing of critical security parameters.
  • Cryptographic improvements, including the use of BlackBerry Certicom certified-FIPS 140-2 security compliant cryptographic library and other techniques that improve upon the Android password’s protection against brute-force attacks.
  • Support for smart card authentication and other enterprise-specific features that benefit business users.

Of course, there is a lot more to be said about business users. BlackBerry is the only company to provide not only a top-of-the-line secure Android device but also a top-of-the-line Enterprise Mobility Management suite. Enterprises around the world use BES12 to manage all endpoints, not only BlackBerry devices, but also phones and tablets running iOS, other Android implementations such as Android for Work and Samsung KNOX, and Windows Phone.

BlackBerry’s goal is to provide solutions that make users – both device users and IT professionals – more productive, efficient, and secure, and this means a cross-platform suite of management, communication, and collaboration software that is mobile OS and device agnostic.

Whether it’s Android Lollipop or Marshmallow (or future flavors), PRIV represents the state-of-the-art for Android security and privacy, incorporating BlackBerry’s technology, experience, and proven commitment to security and user privacy that is simply unmatched in the mobile world.

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Suretap on the BlackBerry PRIV is Right on the Money

Suretap logo2How thick is your wallet? Do you carry just what you use on a daily basis, or are you packing it so full that it’s ready to burst like George Costanza’s wallet on Seinfeld? George’s reasoning was that he needed instant access to everything that it contained. It’s a funny idea, but your wallet is serious business! The PRIV by BlackBerry easily replaces George’s idea of “an organizer, a secretary and a friend” – especially if you take the convenient and secure suretap mobile wallet into consideration. PRIV is for Private. When dealing with something as crucial and potentially risky as a financial transaction, you have the understandable need to know your information is secured.

suretap™ has been adopted by many of Canada’s large telecommunications companies including Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin Mobile and Koodo. suretap today supports dozens of credit cards in partnership with two major Canadian financial institutions, with more partnerships and products being announced soon. It’s a fierce, formidable player in the digital-wallet market, able to securely store credit cards, prepaid cards as well as gift cards.


As mentioned, suretap holds both mobile payment convenience and security in high regard. Since you already have your PRIV out there, communicating like a pro, you can use it to easily make a payment by either quickly tapping it on a contactless payment terminal or having the retailer’s associate scan a barcode from your screen. Did you forget to get a present for a friend or co-worker? The app gives users the freedom to send gift cards to others, even if they don’t use suretap wallet.

With suretap, customers have peace of mind when it comes to protecting their sensitive financial details. You can set the PRIV to request a passcode at login or when accessing the application. On top of this, details are safely tucked away with an NFC SIM which totes CVC3 security and a 112-bit encryption; each transaction is conducted with specific privacy. Couple this with BlackBerry’s legendary security model applied to the Android-powered BlackBerry PRIV, and you know your money will not fall into the wrong hands. This security includes BlackBerry DTEK and BlackBerry’s Hardware Root of Trust.

The PRIV by BlackBerry gives suretap users the ultimate secure mobile payment and management experience. Enter in card details with ease on the physical, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The crisp, large display helps you easily browse through your cards, add funds to cards, and view transaction history. It’s mobile payment privacy and functionality from suretap with the privacy and functionality of the PRIV.

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Q and A: How Piers Morgan’s BlackBerry Passport Keeps the World Coming to Him

Piers Morgan Passport

When Piers Morgan isn’t busy covering the news, he’s likely making headlines on his own. The British journalist and television personality has a keen eye for knowing what people are interested in, and his brash, bold personality ensures that the news he uncovers will be noticed.

Morgan began his career in the British print media, but his international celebrity exploded following his television appearances as a judge on America’s Got Talent (2006-07) and Britain’s Got Talent (2007), his victory in 2008’s Celebrity Apprentice, and his hosting of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live (2010-2014). Today, he serves as U.S. editor at large for the world’s most-popular English-language news site,, makes many television appearances, and follows (and tweets about) his beloved football team, Arsenal F.C., stalwart in the British Premier League.

He’s also a long-time BlackBerry user and recently spoke with us about his life, his family, his BlackBerry Passport, and the time he impressed hip-hop producer P. Diddy with his BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry: Tell me about your first memories of coming to London.

Morgan: I came to London when I was about 17 or 18, when I was a journalism student. It was just after the Brixton riots, and there was an electricity about the streets. There was a sort of a feeling of London being the epicenter of excitement, of being a cultural and social whirlwind. Little bit dangerous, little bit edgy, lot of fun, great place to go and socialize, and when I put all those together I thought, yeah, my kind of place.

BlackBerry: And do you still feel that energy now?

Morgan: London just has a heartbeat unlike any other in the world. I’ve lived in New York and Los Angeles, and spent a lot of time in Paris and Madrid and Rome and so on. It’s an extraordinarily multicultural city, which I really like. You can walk up a street and you will meet 20 nationalities within 20 minutes. That to me is modern London. It is a place that anyone can come and be welcomed and be integrated, and those who knock London for that reason are not my kind of Londoners.

Piers MorganBlackBerry: The way you live your life, you’re always moving forward. Some things work, some things don’t, and you always have this kind of forward mentality.

Morgan: Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without any discernible loss of enthusiasm,” and I think that there is a good point to that, which is: people get defined [less] by success [and more by] how they deal with knock-backs in life. Most of the really successful people I know who’ve gone through decades of success have done it because, when things have gone wrong they’ve been able to deal with it and move on. If I had any talent it would be an ability to bounce back from apparent career- or life-ending adversity.

BlackBerry: Is that something you learned as a kid?

Morgan: I come from a big military family and the military have a very different view of life than most people. They have to go through extraordinary training, they’re highly disciplined and they obviously suffer many setbacks along the way to fighting for the freedom and democracy that we take for granted. Around my family is a sense of discipline, of being part of a family, of fighting for each other, and if things go wrong, stiff upper lip. Nobody wants to hear a moaner or a whiner, just get on with it, there’s no point banging on about things that haven’t worked. Make it better.

BlackBerry: I know you’ve been an outspoken user of BlackBerry for some time now. Why?

Morgan: I’ve stuck with BlackBerry through thick and thin, and I’ve been tempted. I’ve been out there when the shimmering silver of the rivals has caught my eye, but I have resisted because ultimately I use a BlackBerry as a business tool, and I want the best business tool. I want to be able to text and email and message and share information and share pictures and so on in a fast and efficient manner.

Piers Morgan Passport Twitter

BlackBerry: What BlackBerry features do you use the most?

Morgan: My BlackBerry Passport is my office. I don’t really have a conventional office any more. The Hub allows me to be completely on top of texts, emails and messages, and Twitter and Facebook, and all the things I use on a very regular basis at the same time. I can’t afford to miss things, and I think that where the Passport is a hugely effective tool. The Hub gives me everything I’m using all the time in real time.

I’m the US editor at large for the, which has over 200 million unique visitors a month. I use my BlackBerry Passport to post comments, to tweet, to get immediate global reaction. From Beijing to Mumbai to Dubai to Australia to Russia, you can see them [responding] in real time. The whole world is coming to me through my Passport, and I’ve got to have a device that can cope with that.

BlackBerry: What’s the greatest moment you’ve had with a BlackBerry?

Morgan: I think the greatest moment I ever had with new technology came thanks to BlackBerry. I was at an Oscar party in Los Angeles, and it was a nice sunny day, lots of big stars, and suddenly P. Diddy was walking straight towards me. I was tweeting at the time, using my Porsche Design BlackBerry which had just come out, and he wasn’t even looking at me – he was looking at my device. P. Diddy just came and sort of stroked it and said, “Where did you get this?” I said, “I know the people at BlackBerry, they very kindly let me use one.” He said, “I’ve been trying to get one of these man. Are they good?” I said, “They’re fantastic.” There was a pause, and I said, “Do you want me to get you one?” He said, “Oh that would be fantastic.” I said, “You leave it to me.”

I was able to bring P. Diddy up to my level of technology, one of the coolest guys in the world having to rely on me to make him look even cooler. That was pretty much my greatest moment.

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BlackBerry Phone With Samsung Exynos 7420 SoC Spotted in Benchmark

According to the benchmark, the BlackBerry STV100-1 will come with a 5.1-inch QHD display and 16-megapixel rear camera.
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Here’s What UK Reviewers Are Saying about the PRIV

Black Background PRIV by BlackBerryThe PRIV’s now available for purchase in the UK – and like everywhere else, it’s getting an incredible reception from reviewers. That shouldn’t come as any great surprise, of course. There’s a lot to praise about the device, from its intensive focus on privacy to its top-notch keyboard to its long-lived battery to its incredible camera.

Don’t take our word for it, though – see for yourself (and be sure to also take a look at our general review roundup):

Thomas Tamblyn, Huffington Post: It’s hard not to be spellbound by BlackBerry’s new phone the first time you pick it up…The Priv has an outstanding display, an on-screen keyboard that’s joyful to use and so much security built in that it feels like the productivity tool that many executives will have been waiting for. It’s also a great Android phone.

Chris Barraclough, Recombu: After using the Priv for a week, I’m definitely a massive fan – this is Blackberry’s best phone in years and one of the most impressive mobiles of 2015

Laughing Woman Talking On BlackBerry PRIVCarly Page, The Inquirer: There’s something oddly great about the BlackBerry Priv in terms of design…We didn’t expect or want to like [the] keyboard, but our week with the Priv seems to have changed our mind. Rather than opting for the onscreen keyboard when typing an email, we’ve been using the physical alternative, making use of the full 5.4in of screen real estate.

Esat Dedezade, What the Priv does bring to the table is a vast list of extremely useful software and security enhancements – more so than any other Android phone I’ve used. There are so many in fact, it’s difficult to know where to start… It stands out from every other major smartphone currently available, thanks to its unique design and physical keyboard. While the latter isn’t a must-have feature, its shortcut functionality alone should be enough to tempt avid multitaskers.

Chris Hall, Pocket-Lint: The BlackBerry Priv comes to the Android table offering something different and it delivers. The biggest thing about this handset is the QWERTY keyboard, that’s uniquely BlackBerry… Overall, there’s a lot we like about the Priv. It’s interesting, it’s different and the curved edges to the display feel lovely.

Dominic Young, The Register: I give phones a two-week period where anticipating is followed by fiddling, enthusiasm, disappointment and abandonment…on the whole, this is the first Android phone in a long while which feels like a keeper. There are always compromises, but this one demands fewer of them.

Andrew Orlowski, The Register: It may be a “Hail Mary” pass, but BlackBerry’s arrival on Android adds bags of choice and maturity to the platform – not just for enterprises but more sophisticated punters.

PRIV Right Angle Shot Slider OpenMatt Egan, PC Advisor: The BlackBerry Priv is a well-made Android phone with a unique feature set. We commend BlackBerry for turning its hand to being an Android OEM, and the result is a fast smartphone with a great display, hardware keyboard and solid build and design…if you want an Android with a hardware keyboard and some BlackBerry features, this is the phone for you.

Sunetra Chakravarti, Mobile Choice UK: The Plastic AMOLED screen reminded me of the LG G Flex 2 and the Samsung S6 Edge at the same time, sharp, crystal and staggeringly good at reproducing the most complex play of light and imagery in brilliant detail….An absolute whopper of a battery (3410mAH) powers the phone through, helped along with 3GB RAM. There was no stutter when I used it and our enterprise reviewer was very pleased with how it worked without any hint of lag or stutter.


Jeff Parsons, Mirror UK: This is undoubtedly BlackBerry’s best phone to date. The addition of Android immediately makes the Priv more accessible to the average punter and remedies the long-standing app deficiency the brand has suffered from.

Katharine Byrne, Expert Reviews: [The Priv] is an elegant solution to something BlackBerry seems to have been struggling with for years, as it’s never quite reconciled how to combine its trademark keyboard with a large main display…[it’s] arguably better than anything BlackBerry has done before.

John McCann, TechRadar: The BlackBerry Priv is a smartphone I’ve been genuinely excited to see, as it brings something different to the Android market, and I was pretty content when I got it in my hands…Having Android on board means you have access to Google’s suite of applications, including the well-stocked app store.

Interested in picking up your own PRIV? UK customers can purchase from one of the following locations:

Carphone Warehouse
ShopBlackBerry UK (£559 Incl. VAT)

While you wait for your order to arrive, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about the PRIV:

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