BlackBerry Posts Adjusted Third Quarter Profit on Net Loss

For the period ended November 29, the company lost $148 million, compared with a loss of $4.4 billion a year earlier.
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Updated: But Wait, There’s More.

Update: Some of you have told us that you love the new sticker picker – and some of you have told us you don’t.

We’re listening.

That’s why, starting today, we are rolling out a new dynamic emoticon / sticker picker. It works like this:

Let’s say you’ve typed something in the text field, like “I got you the perfect gift”. – When you press the emotion picker it shows emoticons like it always has in past versions of BBM. Go ahead and add that smiley!

Here’s the cool part: If no text has been entered, and you press the button it will give you the option to send a big, bold sticker.

The new dynamic emoticon / sticker picker will require you to update BBM and will be available first for Android and BlackBerry 10.

The updates just keep coming. BBM 2.6 is available starting today for iOS, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones and, as always, we’ve incorporated your feedback to improve the BBM messaging experience.

Send Stickers in Group Chat

Group StickersOne of your most requested features, stickers in groups, is now available. Tell your group what you’re really thinking with a big, bold sticker. (My favorite is Lil’ Frenchie). Speaking of stickers, don’t forget about our current promotion – All BBM sticker packs are $0.99 USD for a limited time.

Yours to Control

Timed message

Timed messages are the best way to send messages and pictures that aren’t meant to last forever*. I use it for sending and receiving gift ideas for the holidays! You told us that every now and then you need to send a longer timed message, so we’ve increased the length of the timer option – you can now set a timer that lasts up to 60 seconds. As well, these timed messages and pictures can now be viewed multiple times until the timer expires.

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

BBM Channels

BBM now looks more at home than ever before on iOS 8. A fresh new look and feel has been applied to BBM for iOS, and we’ve updated the app to support the new screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can’t help but notice the sleek and modern design updates like a flat UI and attractive transparencies. These adjustments make BBM look sharp across supported Apple devices.


Landscape Mode

BBM for Android now supports Android 5.0 Lollipop and a brand new landscape mode. How about D’s and R’s on pictures? Yup – we added that too.  Get it now.

There are a few other improvements. For example, with BBM on BlackBerry 10, you can now share multiple pictures and attachments at the same time. We’re always listening to your feedback and updating BBM to make it the best way to connect and share with your friends. Let us know below what you think of the new updates.

It may take 24 hours or more for the update to appear in your app store depending on your mobile platform and region.

*Note: While these features are designed to remove the message or picture from the recipient’s BBM chat view, they do not prevent recipients from capturing an image of the content by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device. Retracting a message after it has been read by the recipient will remove the message from the BBM chat view, but will not affect copies of the message that the recipient may have made prior to the message being retracted.

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More Than a Feeling: Great BlackBerry Classic Reviews Keep on Coming

The praise keep coming in as reviewers are finding they just can’t resist the BlackBerry Classic, available now online today through and ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.

Classic_Black_2Device v2

Packed full of features both familiar and new, the device brings home (and to work) the goods. As MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader said in a review we covered HERE, “the Classic brings home the feels.”

 “BlackBerry Classic, I Can’t Resist You”

Do you like physical keyboards? So does The Verge’s Micah Singleton in a review titled, “BlackBerry Classic, I Can’t Resist You”:

“Much like Antonio Stradivari perfected the violin in the early 18th century, BlackBerry has mastered the physical keyboard, and from everything I’ve seen, it will not be surpassed. I[I]t just looks like an improved Bold, and that’s exactly what I, and many other BlackBerry lovers, want . . . [Y]ou should take a close look at the BlackBerry Classic – you’re not going to find anything better than the legendary BlackBerry keyboard.

N4BB’s JT Teran agrees, writing, “The BlackBerry Classic has the best physical QWERTY keyboard on any device I have ever used . . . I cannot overstate how great it is typing on this phone . . . You may never want to type on glass ever again . . . OS 10.3.1 works fully with the five-key toolbelt. You can literally use the Classic and not miss out on any major functionality by simply relying on [it and] the keyboard.”

Holding Classic

Teran also cites the 22+ hour battery life as one of the other main selling points:  “The Classic is a device that you can take off the charger at 6am, be out all day, and all night, and not have to plug back in until that evening or even the next morning . . .  If you want something more familiar that at the same time brings performance and durability to the table, then the Classic is the best choice out there.”

“BlackBerry Classic is a Fantastic Productivity Phone”

Over at CNET, Nate Ralph writes, “[With] a superior physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Classic is a fantastic productivity phone for old-school QWERTY junkies . . . The BlackBerry Classic couples a comfortable, accurate keyboard with an attractive design that’s sure to please BlackBerry fans. Support for Android apps will please the rest of us, too . . . I easily made it through the weekend before I sought an outlet . . . The Classic is a clarion call to the faithful, a reminder that BlackBerry is still at the top of its productivity game.

TIME’s Alex Fitzpatrick calls Classic “the ultimate dad phone”:  “BlackBerry’s new BlackBerry Classic looks just like the BlackBerry your dad used to use — and that means your dad’s going to love it . . . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard business-types in particular lament over their long-lost BlackBerry and its keyboard, like the BlackBerry Bold . . . That means the BlackBerry has an opening to differentiate itself from its competitors by going long on the keyboard for customers who want one. That’s exactly what it’s doing with the Classic.”

“The Speed and Performance of BlackBerry 10 with the Familiar Keys you Know and Love”

“The BlackBerry Classic has now arrived, and it brings the promise of the speed and performance of BlackBerry 10 with the familiar and classic navigation keys you know and love,” writes CrackBerry’s editor, Bla1ze. “It’s a device purposefully built to be reliable, durable, made with high-quality materials, and that delivers on quality and fits neatly in your pocket . . . I really love the BlackBerry Classic and I think it will be a great device for whoever picks it up.”

Classic Bold

GSMArena writes: “The Classic is a compact phone with a high-res touchscreen, snappy hardware, a critically-acclaimed design and all the features that . . .  made BlackBerry a best-selling company . . . The newcomer combines all qualities that once made its maker a powerhouse in the smartphone realm with modern functionality, headed by integration of Android apps . . . Corporate types with years of BlackBerry experience  . . . might find it to be just what the doctor ordered.”

“I Love what BlackBerry’s doing with the Classic”

Even BGR’s resident skeptic Brad Reed is giving out kudos:

“Here’s why I love what BlackBerry’s doing with the Classic: I tease BlackBerry a lot but I’m actually hoping the company is successful. Why? Because I think it serves an important niche and its devices make customers within that niche very happy . . . Wealthy people from Google chairman Eric Schmidt to Kim Kardashian have all expressed their love for QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry phones as secure messaging devices. Barack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Merkel all still use BlackBerry phones, as do plenty of important people in the financial services industry.

“So if you have heads of state, Wall Street execs, one of Hollywood’s most infamous personalities and the chairman of one of the world’s biggest tech companies as potential customers… that’s not a bad market to start out with . . . There are a lot of professionals who still use the Bold 9900 today because it is still a great device for their specific needs, mostly related to quick messaging and secure communications. These particular professionals [will embrace the Classic].”

Meanwhile, our partner Amazon has its first “Verified Purchase” review. BlackBerry Classic customer “Techieprowrites, “I decided to order the Classic to check it out. This phone is the best of both worlds! Slightly bigger than the Q10 but still has that awesome keyboard and don’t even get me started on the amazing trackpad and toolbelt . . . The more I use this phone the more natural it feels. Overall, great job Blackberry! 5 stars!

Pricing and Availability

Customers with a North American shipping address can purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through and ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.

It will also be offered by AT&T, Verizon, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and TELUS. (Note that pricing differs per market.)

Are you getting a BlackBerry Classic? Tell us in the comments below, and as always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news, reviews and goings-on you care about, so stay tuned to INSIDE BlackBerry.

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ICYMI: BlackBerry Classic Launch Event Recap – Highlights and Photos

BlackBerry Classic and the Changing Conversation Around the Company

The BlackBerry Classic launch earlier today featured a number of partners, business luminaries and BlackBerry executives – as well as the unveiling of this long-awaited productivity tool. 

Watch the 2-minute video above from the event itself, which featured testimonials from customers eager for the return of a Classic, albeit, upgraded.


You can watch a video recording of our 70-minute launch or you can read on for my summary of the New York City event, which I attended.

Because you missed plenty: the US$449 (unlocked) device is officially on sale with:

The theme: Your power. Upgraded.



BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen (right) kicked off the proceedings by reaffirming our popularity with enterprises, especially those in regulated industries such as banking, healthcare, government and more, and his absolute focus on listening to those customers.

“CEOs of top banks would pull out their (Bold) 9900s (to me) and say ‘Don’t mess around with this thing’.”

Keeping this in mind, he set out to have the BlackBerry Classic built with the elements that our core audience rely on every day: A responsive keyboard, proven security, simple navigation, and fantastic battery life.

“A lot of our competitors are trying to chase us for our battery life.”

BlackBerry Classic Specs and Demo


Product Marketing Director Jeff Gadway took the stage to show off just how the familiar, yet upgraded BlackBerry Classic continues to be the go-to design for high achievers with high productivity needs.

Faster Browsing


With browsing that is up to 3x faster than BlackBerry Bold 9900, and top-ranked rendering of modern web sites, the BlackBerry Classic helps you navigate the web. Upgraded.

Improved Battery

For people on the go, battery life is paramount. The 2515 mAh battery in the BlackBerry Classic provides up to 22 hours of mixed use – 50 percent longer than BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Larger Screen

The BlackBerry Classic has a screen that is 60 percent larger than the BlackBerry Bold 9900, allowing you to read more emails, see more apps and take advantage of faster browsing.

Carrier Support & Availability


AT&T’s Northeast Regional President, Steven J. Hodges (above right), joined Beard onstage to announce their intent to carry the new BlackBerry Classic. It will be available in their stores and online.

“We know our customers see a lot of value in BlackBerry, and really love your products,” Hodges said. “I’ve been a long-term BlackBerry fan. [The Classic] really met what I was looking for…keyboard, big screen, and the application pool is deep.”

In Canada, Bell, Rogers and Telus all announced their pricing and availability, as did Verizon in the U.S.

The BlackBerry Classic is also available via and Full pricing and availability information is available here.

Enterprise Customer Panel


Citco Fund Services is a financial services company that administers a majority of hedge funds around the globe. Joe Maxwell is managing director of information technology for Citco.

“I started at Citco nine years ago and they gave me a BlackBerry,” he told Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard on stage. “Nine years from now, I bet it will be the same thing.”

Maxwell, who has been testing the BlackBerry Classic, said he’s “really digging it.” He pleaded for BlackBerry to “please keep” the keyboard because, he joked, of his “big fat fingers.”


Beard also spoke with Roy Niederhoffer, founder of the R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management hedge fund, and Michael Capasso, leader of the group reviving the New York City Opera.

Niederhoffer said he’s “very excited” about the BlackBerry Classic. “You got a new customer,” he said. Capasso also affirmed his loyalty, saying that he’s been in meetings where “people have brought me very expensive new devices, I just threw it back at them…because you would truly have to pry this (BlackBerry phone) out of my cold dead hands.”


Richard Tam (above) is Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Mackenzie Health, a regional Canadian hospital.

“We need the highest level of security in the business of healthcare,” he said. And “great battery life is very important for our staff for our physicians, who can work very long days.”

Mackenzie is deploying 500 BlackBerry 10 devices, including the Passport and the Classic, and managing several thousand other devices, including iOS and Android phones, using BES12.

(Other customers are deploying the just-launched BES12, too – watch this video).

There was plenty more said, so if you’re a BlackBerry fan or someone in the mobile and wireless industry, I’d suggest watching or scrolling through the entire 70-minute video. Or read more on the Inside BlackBerry blogs and check it out on

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Media Reviews Are In: Everyone Loves a Classic (Upgraded)

The wait is finally over: the Classic experience that fans of productivity, keyboards and BlackBerry itself have been looking forward to finally arrives after launch events today in New York, Frankfurt and Singapore.

The BlackBerry Classic can be purchased online today through and for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.

(Also check out our unboxing video and a quick comparison chart vs. the Bold 9900.)

People are genuinely excited about the device, which gives you the best productivity and communications tool possible in a package many of you’ve already mastered.

“BlackBerry Classic Hits the Right Keys”

The New York Times’ Molly Wood hails the effortless productivity achievable on the Classic: “For getting work done, especially if that work involves typing long emails or even documents, the BlackBerry Classic is the right tool for the job. The keyboard is simply wonderful . . . the BlackBerry projects a sense of productivity and even status . . . BlackBerry’s security has always been top-notch and it includes useful features that tech managers will like . . . [T]he BlackBerry Classic is a perfect work phone.”

unreleased BlackBerry Classic, Classic, Leak BlackBerry Classic

Over at USA Today, reviewer Edward C. Baig writes, “The BlackBerry Classic . . . represents a definite upgrade over the Bold . . . [It features an] excellent keyboard [with a] sturdy feel, [and] robust security, [and has an] appealing and familiar design for BlackBerry diehards. Good phone and speakerphone quality . . . The solid and sturdy new 6.3-ounce Classic is just what the more traditional BlackBerry diehard has been waiting for.”

“Feels Absolutely Solid in the Hand”

“This is a phone that feels fabulously solid in the hand,” hails The Telegraph’s Matt Warman, “that offers the day-plus battery life beloved of BlackBerry’s devotees, and [upgrades] the experience . . . with new apps and a touchscreen . . . There’s a huge amount to like in the BlackBerry Classic. It will make you more productive. It feels serious. And it doesn’t look too bad either . . . If you [want] a BlackBerry, the Classic is brilliant.

BlackBerry Classic shot from Launch

PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan writes, “Nobody does keyboards like BlackBerry . . . The Classic fits beautifully in a businessperson’s hand . . . [and] feels solid and premium, with a textured back and attractive, matte bezel . . . The touchpad lets you move around the touch screen [and is] genuinely useful for cursor control when editing text . . . BlackBerry is currently the leader in call quality . . . Calls on the Classic sounded excellent, clear and full . . . It’s easy to set up with almost any e-mail system, delivering e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and text alerts with alacrity . . . Battery life is excellent.”

The Financial Post’s Lynn Greiner says “the Classic looks and feels like a traditional BlackBerry, with a few modern twists [and is] quite comfortable to use, even when browsing the web.”

A self-avowed fan of the Bold, Greiner says, “I found myself quickly reverting to the trackpad [for] editing, copying, and pasting text. However, I also found myself bouncing between old and new methods of closing apps and calling up menus. Both work nicely . . . I suspect that anyone who loved their old BlackBerry Bold (or anyone who wants a phone with a good keyboard) will love the Classic. And that, I’m told, was the plan. It worked.”

“A Killer Smartphone for Keyboard Lovers”

As CIO’s Al Sacco declares in the title to his review, the Classic is “A Killer Smartphone for Keyboard Lovers.”

“If you’re still using a BlackBerry smartphone with a ‘physical’ QWERTY keyboard, or if you’ve switched platforms but still harbor fantasies about a return to the good old days when you didn’t spend as much time cursing your on-screen keypad as you do typing on it, the BlackBerry Classic is the smartphone you’ve been waiting for . . . The BlackBerry Classic is designed to look, feel and function like one of the most popular BlackBerry devices ever made, and it achieves all three of these goals . . . I like the BlackBerry Classic. It’s my new ‘work phone,’ and it has secured a home in my pocket for the foreseeable future.”

BlackBerry Classic in hands

MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader writes: “I admit to being immediately attracted to the Classic’s comfortable, fretted hardware keyboard . . . It is a serious hunk of machine . . . There is no question of BlackBerry 10’s excellence in communications consolidation. The Hub brings all your emails, texts, Facebook [and social messaging] conversations into a single place, and after reintroducing my thumbs to the spritely genius of a hardware keyboard I was click-clicking out emails in no time . . . [A]s someone who got his start in this field pushing out BBMs on a tiny BlackBerry Pearl, the Classic brings home the feels.”

“For the Right User, it Could be Perfect”

“The Classic will tug at the heart strings of every BlackBerry fan, and business users who swear by a keyboard will love it,writes TechRadar’s John McCann. [F]or the right user it could be perfect . . . The BlackBerry Classic will appeal to a particular audience, and anyone currently using another handset from the Canadian firm will want to seriously consider upgrading.”’s Rob Kerr says, “BlackBerry customers old and new will find something familiar, in this solidly build, QWERTY keyboard phone . . . The keyboard makes for fast and accurate typing, with physical keys resulting in a much more precise method of text entry . . . This set-up works well. And as a testament to its efficacy in action, this entire review was written on the BlackBerry Classic, with no mistakes.”

Classic Accept Invite

“An Icon in the Smartphone World Born Anew”

“BlackBerry is back,” declares Slash Gear’s Nate Swanner, calling the Classic “an icon in the smartphone world born anew.”

“The updated device takes modern specs and wraps them up in a nice, familiar package geared toward enterprise,” he writes. “For business pros . . . the suite of apps and services are all 2014 and beyond [and] Blackberry’s suite of apps offer a layer of security when communicating between Android or iOS devices . . . Apps like Bloomberg LP and Cisco AnyConnect aim to put the Classic in the hands of enterprise customers everywhere. Given all the built-in security and retro-cool of Blackberry, that might happen in a big way.”

Pricing and Availability

Customers with a North American shipping address can purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through and ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.

It will also be offered by AT&T, Verizon, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and TELUS.

Are you ready for a Classic experience? Get the ball rolling and tell us in the comments below.
*Note that pricing differs per market

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BlackBerry Classic QWERTY Phone With 3.5-Inch Display, Trackpad Launched

"BlackBerry Classic is the powerful communications tool that many BlackBerry Bold and Curve users have been waiting for," said CEO John Chen.
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Where to Buy BlackBerry Classic: Pricing and Availability

Holding Classic

Now that you’ve checked out the BlackBerry Classic, seen the specs, and watched the unboxing video – it’s time for you to find out how to get your hands on one. As we mentioned when you first met the BlackBerry Classic, it is now available.

I’m happy to let you know that BlackBerry is working with carriers and partners to deliver BlackBerry Classic to customers around the world. North American customers can purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through and for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.
*Note that pricing differs per market

We’ve also received statements from specific carrier partners in the U.S. & Canada

Verizon Statement

QWERTY fans – the BlackBerry Classic will be available on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network in early 2015.

AT&T Statement

AT&T, who joined us on stage at the event, released this statement


AT&T1 confirms that the BlackBerry Classic is set to join the nation’s most reliable 4G network with the strongest LTE signal.2 Further details on pricing and availability will be announced at a later date. BlackBerry Classic brings back the familiar QWERTY keyboard, trackpad and navigation keys with the security, speed and performance of the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Full press release available shortly.

Canadian Carrier Statement

Bell Mobility will offer the BlackBerry Classic for $49.95, Rogers Wireless will offer the BlackBerry Classic for $49.99 on a two year contract starting today, and TELUS will offer the BlackBerry Classic for $50.00 on a two year contract later this week

1AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

2Reliability based on data transfer completion rates on nationwide 4G LTE networks. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE not available everywhere.

Stay tuned for more updates, we will post them here as they become available.

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Quick Compare: BlackBerry Classic vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900 (Video)

Classic Bold

Leading up to launch, I’ve been bringing you videos and quick looks at the newly released BlackBerry Classic. This device provides an upgraded experience to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and is a clear upgrade path for those of you who demand a productive communications device.

To really get a feel for the difference in scale and size, I shot them with your first official side-by-side view of the two devices. It’s clear that the 60 percent larger screen area combined with the trusted and proven productivity form factor make the BlackBerry Classic a true powerhouse.

For years, this line of devices has been the benchmark for security, productivity and communication. With the launch of the new BlackBerry Classic, everything that keeps you on top and in-charge is upgraded. Buy the BlackBerry Classic, today.

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What is BlackBerry Classic? Your Power. Upgraded. (Videos)

Classic Accept Invite

What is classic, you ask? Classic is enduring. Classic is timeless. The BlackBerry Classic builds upon a rich heritage of enterprise grade security and productivity to provide an upgraded experience. Since the early days, BlackBerry has been about empowering you to do your best work. To communicate, and operate at your peak.

The BlackBerry Classic, with its 60 percent larger screen, 3x faster browsing and 50 percent longer lasting battery than the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is your power, upgraded.

If you’re all about BlackBerry, all about productivity – buy the BlackBerry Classic today. The smartphone you trust with the power you couldn’t imagined.

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Official: BlackBerry Classic Unboxing (Video)


In what is now becoming a new product launch tradition, I’ve taken a few moments to unbox the all-new BlackBerry Classic for you. As you’ll see in the video, the BlackBerry Classic benefits from dual app stores, a browser that is 300 percent faster than the BlackBerry Bold 9900, and of course, that responsive physical QWERTY keyboard.

With easy, familiar Classic Navigation Keys and a trackpad, this may be the most productive BlackBerry 10 device to-date. It comes complete with a SIM card tool to easily install your new Nano SIM and expandable storage via MicroSD card (up to 144GB). There’s also a perfect set of tangle-resistant travel headphones that sound great and are perfect for taking calls while on-the-go.

After watching the unboxing video it’s easy to see how the BlackBerry Classic provides the trusted, proven BlackBerry experience. Upgraded. You can now purchase the BlackBerry Classic at

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