Real-World BlackBerry Customers Love how the BlackBerry Passport Meets their Real-World Needs (SlideShare)

If BlackBerry Passport owners are being honest, there’s a lot less work being done on laptops since the productivity powerhouse debuted.

From corporate IT managers needing a rugged device to keep them connected while on the road to screenwriters crafting and securing their intellectual property in their pockets, there are countless scenarios where the BlackBerry Passport delivers in spades.

BlackBerry Passport Breast Pocket

I think we’ve only begun to see the innovative ways users are tapping the productivity prowess of the BlackBerry Passport, but to get started, here are twelve quotes from those already enjoying the benefits of Working Wide.

Also, be sure to vote on the quote that best reflects what you love about the BlackBerry Passport, which you can do HERE – currently, university professor Todd Moody holds the lead with 30 percent of the votes so far.

See what he and the others said in the presentation below.

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The BlackBerry Passport Bailed out this Tech Journalist when his iPhone 6 Failed Him

The BlackBerry Passport has been proving itself to be beyond reliable, as users the world over have been discovering – from the regional IT manager who needed to conduct critical business on a business trip to the travelling exec of manufacturing company who now leaves his laptop at home.

Whether it’s on business trips or at huge trade shows, the BlackBerry Passport is the tool you want with you wherever you go. That’s what this well-known tech journalist discovered.

PhoneDog Bunton Passport 1(Check out those customer testimonials, then read about the University Professor, Consulting Group President, Tech Journalist, Software Manager, Chief Medical Information Officer, Product Engineer, Clinical Research Organization President, Insurance Salesperson, Program Coordinator/ Screenwriter and Nonprofit Founder – all satisfied owners of the BlackBerry Passport. Then vote for who you think had the quote that best reflects what you love about the BlackBerry Passport!)

BlackBerry Passport to the Rescue

Anyone following our review roundups on INSIDE BlackBerry (read them all HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) should be familiar with PhoneDog’s Cam Bunton, who has gone above and beyond in his coverage of the BlackBerry Passport –check out his 13 video playlist HERE, which includes his 30-day BlackBerry Passport ‘challenge’.

With all of that quality time with the BlackBerry Passport under his belt, it should come as no surprise that Bunton took it with him to Mobile World Congress earlier this month, detailed in a blog post and video (check the end for the video).

PhoneDog Bunton Passport 1

He writes, “With every trip abroad for PhoneDog comes the battle to decide what I’m going to take with me . . . I have to admit, I went out with the aim of just using two of my phones on a daily basis. But that didn’t happen.”

I spoke with Bunton over the phone, and he told me what happened: the network coverage was ironically not so great for him at MWC, and it rendered his iPhone 6 useless on the show floor.

The iPhone 6 “didn’t want to play nice with the networks in Barcelona for some reason, so I switched my main SIM into the BlackBerry Passport.”

How did the BlackBerry Passport fare?

“It was awesome,” he writes. Besides the strong wireless reception, Bunton praised the Passport’s other robust productivity features. “For replying to emails and setting up meetings on the move, I loved having the keyboard and the insane battery life.” (There’s also the landline-like call clarity, too.)

PhoneDog Bunton Passport 4

Meanwhile, Bunton had actually brought two cases for his iPhone 6 sporting extra battery power – “I couldn’t risk my device dying halfway through a day” – that he ended up not needing (see the chart at the bottom of this blog to compare smartphone runtimes).

Bunton’s problems connecting over Wi-Fi with his iPhone is common enough (with iOS 8) that it’s gotten a nickname, “WiFried.” The issue still hasn’t been fixed as of iOS 8.2, apparently, either, as these Google search results readily show:

WiFried Google Results

BlackBerry devices have a history of faring well at demanding events like MWC – the BlackBerry Z30 won the gold last year in Wired’s “CES Smartphone Thunderdome” challenge, where journalists attending the show were forbidden from using anything but their phones to document and capture the event.

Last year’s winner, Tim Moynihan took the top prize to become a “smartphone blogging machine.”

“I took a lot of ribbing for using a BlackBerry,” he wrote. “It’s not as fancy as the other phones in the contest, apparently. But you know what? Doesn’t matter. It’s still a phone that can be used to cover a large electronics tradeshow. That’s pretty amazing.”

Reliable Devices, No Matter the Challenge

For anyone enduring a grueling challenge where they need the very best in reliable mobile productivity, you just can’t go wrong with a BlackBerry smartphone.

Check out Bunton’s wrap-up video below, and for bonus points, see if you can spot the BlackBerry Classic on his desk next to the monitor.

Pricing and Availability

You can power through the most rigorous trade shows after you get your BlackBerry Passport, available from at these links:

Black (currently $599, regular $699)

White (currently $599, regular $699)

Limited Edition Red: $699

…and at Amazon HERE, with AT&T offering it for $649.99 unsubsidized or $199.99 with a 2-year contract. The BlackBerry Passport is also available in Canada via Rogers for $249 and TELUS (for as low as $150 up front) and other carriers.

For those outside the North American market, you can get your BlackBerry Passport directly from us at our global shopping portal HERE.

(Check with your local carrier for device compatibility.)

Remember – the BlackBerry Passport has a battery capacity that exceeds all rivals in milliamp hours – no need for a charging case:*

BlackBerry Passport 30 hours
Samsung Galaxy S5 23 hours
iPhone 6 21 hours
iPhone 6 Plus 25 hours

(*Based on third-party lab testing sponsored by BlackBerry, under 4G and 3G wireless conditions, using a mixed-usage profile. Results will vary by carrier and network conditions.)

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BlackBerry Employees Share Their Quick-Start Tips for Your New BlackBerry Leap

With the impending release of the all-touch BlackBerry Leap (available for pre-order from, and check out THIS ARTICLE for pre-sale availability by country), we thought it’d be a good idea to get some tips and tricks together for buyers – including those moving from a keyboard-based BlackBerry device, as well as new and returning users unfamiliar with the power of BlackBerry 10.3.1 on a 5-inch touchscreen.

What follows are some ways to jump into the finer points of the BlackBerry Leap running 10.3.1 from the people who know them best. We “insourced” some personal favorite tips from BlackBerry employees already well-versed with our other all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices: the Z3, Z10 and Z30 (I learned a few myself – Ed.).

So without further ado, let’s see what pointers they have for newcomers.


Numbered Lists…

“For all-touch devices, here are five ‘must know’ tips:

1) Swipe to delete – Swipe from right to left using one finger to delete a single word, two fingers to delete two words, three to delete three words, etc.,

2) Swipe to change virtual keyboard layout – Swipe down from the top of the virtual keyboard using one finger to quickly switch input methods (text, numeric, symbols),

3) Fine cursor control – Tap the top, bottom, left or right of the cursor to move it to a specific location,

4) Keypress Pop-up – Looking to improve your typing accuracy, consider turning on Keypress Pop-up so you can see which keys you are entering (Settings > Language and Input > Feedback > Keypress Pop-up, and

5) Inserting accented characters – Tap and hold a key to see available accented characters. When the list of characters appear, move your finger left or right to select the character you need.

-Ty Williams, Community Content Manager and Blogger, BlackBerry Help


“One trick that I keep using and love is how you can easily and quickly see the current battery level and time without leaving your active application! The entire process takes 1 second.

Say you are in the Browser and you want to check the battery or current time:

1) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, HOLD your finger on the screen

2) See the battery % and time

3) Swipe down and now LIFT your finger from the screen. You are back to whatever you were doing.”

-Chen Zhao, Software Test Specialist


“My favorite distinguishing features on BlackBerry 10:

1) Universal search — Search everything on the device! Apps, emails, contacts, text, etc.!

2) Hinglish Keyboard: Works perfectly – and is a BB-only feature!

3) Multitasking: Open messages, browsers (up to 10 tabs), media and apps and quickly switch between them.”

-Harish Rathi, BlackBerry App Developer


…Meaty Tips

BlackBerry Leap in Hand“If you prefer to keep your device in your pocket (without a case), consider disabling swipe to wake to avoid pocket dialing (System Settings>>Display>>Swipe to Wake).

If this is your first BlackBerry ever, then welcome to the Team! Start using BBM, browse BlackBerry World for lots of wonderful apps, use Flipp to make shopping and coupon clipping easier than ever, grab the super handy Gadget Box and enjoy the intuitive and powerful built-in Calculator (with Tips and Converter), Maps for GPS, Weather and Twitter.

Once you start flicking up word suggestions as you type on the virtual keyboard, you will soon enjoy the best keyboard experience ever!”

-Mike Magon, Principal End User Services Specialist


“This may seem really basic, but I love having multiple Notification Profiles available. A swipe and a tap has me in the silent profile for when I’m in a meeting or want to spend some uninterrupted time with my family. Spending a bit of time tweaking custom notifications is handy to easily identify who messages are coming from and what type of message is being received. Best of all, using custom MP3 files for notifications helps to make the device suit my lifestyle.”

– Joe Szilvagyi, Senior Technical Support Analyst


“An alternative ‘no-pocket-dialing’ protection: Set the device lock time really short (like 1 minute) and use picture password or simple password.

My additional tip: if you’re using a corporate device, you can have different work and device passwords – so even if your BES policy requires certain password strength for work password, you can use simple (numeric-only), picture, or no password at all for your personal partition!”

-David Hole, Director, Standards


…and Helpful Bits


Picture Password is available on both all-touch and keyboard devices, but I find the use-case is best suited for all-touch devices. As for apps, Clash of Clans should be buttery smooth on the Leap. Apps, videos and browsing the internet are better with more screen real-estate.”

-Jonathan Cooper, Service Realization Manager


“You can add another BlackBerry as a BBM contact by being in the BBM app when tapping your device’s back to another BlackBerry device. This feature is called NFC implicit sharing (where it is implied that, say if you are viewing a photo, and you tap the back of another BB, that you want to share that photo with them).”

-Jeremy Kominar, Team Lead, Software Verification and Validation



Dictating has never been easier nor so accurate… It can be used in any application as it is embedded in the keyboard. Simply press and hold the period, wait for the audible prompt and start talking.”

-Alain Marcil, Technical Solutions Manager


“A must-know about all-touch devices: Users who regularly type in a language with more than 26 letters in their alphabet will see all of those letters on the virtual keyboard.”

-Morten Schmidt, Sr. Thermal Analysis Specialist


Taking a panorama picture with the BlackBerry camera app is as simple and intuitive as it gets.
While shooting a video, you can take still pictures, never miss a moment.”

– Simon Huang, Senior Applications Software Developer


“When in the Hub (or under an account within), use the ‘pinching out’ gesture from the middle of the screen with your thumb and finger to see all your messages/notifications and use the ‘pinching inward’ gesture to show any and all unread messages or notifications.”

– Lee Smith, Logistics Analyst


Transfer pictures/files to other BB10 devices by tapping the backs together. Most people forget or are not aware of this convenient feature.”

– Izuchukwu Okongwu, Applications Software Developer


“The BlackBerry Leap makes a great navigation tool running the Waze Android app.”

-Randy Dobkin, Embedded Systems Software Developer


“To hide the keyboard when it might be blocking part of the screen, simply long press on the space bar and it will disappear.”

-Greg Sacrey, Senior Applications Support Specialist


“A general OS pointer for first-time all-touch users: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit an app!”

-Bryan Horn, Support Account Manager


Stay Tuned to INSIDE BlackBerry and the HELP Blog for More Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

We will be featuring more useful information on the BlackBerry Leap and updates to OS 10.3.1 (and beyond) here on Inside BlackBerry and the HELP Blog.

Stay tuned, and see what we turn up next – there’s a lot of goodness baked into the BlackBerry 10-family  devices – including the BlackBerry Leap.

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Q-and-A: What This Indonesian BlackBerry Elite Loves about his BBM Custom PIN

Meet Muhammad Setyo ‘Oddie’ Budi, a technology consultant from Indonesia. Oddie – he prefers to go by his nickname – is a busy guy, what with his interests in gadgets, traveling, coffee, parental education, AND his volunteer work in the BlackBerry support forums, for which he was rewarded with BlackBerry Elite status in 2012.

Oddie also owns not one but six BlackBerry smartphones! For all these reasons, I decided to ask Oddie a few questions following the launch of the BBM Custom PIN Subscriptions, because if anyone knows BlackBerry and our product it’s Oddie.

BBM PIN QA - Oddie

Zmija: Where are you based?

I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zmija: Where do you work and what is your role there?

I am a co-owner and technical advisor for an internet and communications business.

Zmija: What device do you use?

My main devices are the BlackBerry Passport and the Z30. I also have a Z10, Q10, 9900, and 9700 that I use for testing purposes as well.

Zmija: What is your Custom PIN for BBM?


Zmija: Do you love your Custom PIN subscription? If so why?

Yes! ‎I got my nickname for my PIN to stand out from a regular PIN! I use it on my business cards, and also on my contact information on my website. Since I often switch from one device to another, sharing my new Custom PIN is more convenient as it remains the same although I’m changing devices. My Custom PIN is easy to remember and easy for new contacts to add me as a BBM contact.

Zmija: Where have you used your Custom PIN?

I have put my Custom PIN on my business card, website, and on my social networks.

Zmija: Has your Custom PIN changed the way you communicate with others?

Yes, I can’t always remember my regular PIN but with Custom PIN it is very, very helpful for others to remember.

Zmija: How have people reacted to your Custom PIN? They must think it’s pretty cool you have one?

The first day I subscribed, about 20 of my contacts asked, “How did you make your nickname as your PIN?”

Zmija: Have you found that having your Custom PIN has helped you with your business or work?

Custom PINs are eye-catching, easy to remember, and help me to get more attention for my business. My Custom PIN allows me to communicate with business partners and customers. And if they accidentally lose my PIN, they can just add or re-invite me using my nickname. It’s that easy.

Zmija: Do you use stickers or emojis? Which ones are your favorite?

I use Nusantara Kid and other favourites include Indonesian, Penguin of Madagascar, and BBM expressions.

Zmija: What’s your favorite BBM feature?

My favourite feature would have to be my Custom PIN, however I also love Timed Messages, Message Retraction, Stickers, BBM Video and BBM Voice.


There you have it folks – Oddie’s experience with his new Custom PIN. There is a new BBM update for BlackBerry, iOS and Android smartphones so make sure you update to take advantage of Custom PINs and other new BBM features.

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Limited BlackBerry Leap Pre-Order on ShopBlackBerry Starts Today [Video]

BlackBerry Leap, Start -Up, Photographer Donny Halliwell

Great news for those of you who’re excited about the new BlackBerry Leap – we’re rolling out a pre-sale on ShopBlackBerry today. If you live in one of the regions listed below, you can secure your order and get your hands on one as soon as possible. Act fast as numbers are limited.

To tide you over, we’re releasing another drool-worthy video of this secure, affordable 5-inch HD device.

ShopBlackBerry Pre-Sale Country Availability

We’ll be rolling out further details around pricing and availability in other regions in the coming weeks. Pre-order today!

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Help BlackBerry Passport Win Reader’s Choice Award in Tech Magazine’s Mobile Contest

TechnoBuffalo is on the verge of granting the BlackBerry Passport top honors in the site’s Mobile Madness competition (an homage to the United States’ NCAA college basketball ‘March Madness’ tournament). You can still get in your vote before the contest ends on Tuesday March 31st.

The tech magazine, which has granted favorable reviews to both the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic, has the BlackBerry Passport in the finals pitted against the Android-based OnePlus One.

Passport vs OnePlus One

So far, the BlackBerry Passport has bested the Motorola Droid Turbo, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the HTC One M9, while notable rivals including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fell away earlier in the competition.

The BlackBerry Classic also acquitted itself well, besting the pure Android Google Nexus 6 and Sony Xperia Z3, making it all the way to the Final Four (semifinals), before losing in the vote to OnePlus One.

Here’s a screenshot of how the contenders have fared so far:

TechnoBuffalo Readers Choice Award Tree

With both the BlackBerry Passport and OnePlus One taking the final two slots in the competition, it seems to signal a thirst for “something different,” even when mobile users today are bombarded by huge ad spends and groupthink pushing them toward the same types of iterative devices over and over.

If you want top-tier productivity and security in your mobile device, you probably already have a Blackberry in your pocket.

Here are the video hands-on reviews:

BlackBerry Classic:

BlackBerry Passport:


Make Your Vote Count

It’s time to represent!

Head to TechnoBuffalo and vote now – voting for the final round* will run through Tuesday March 31st, so get on it now while there’s still time!

*Note: Voting must be done from a Mac or PC, and requires an email address for confirmation. One vote per email address.

Finish Line


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BlackBerry Turnaround Progress: 7 Positive Takeaways

BlackBerry continued its transformation into an enterprise software provider focused on cross-platform mobile security and productivity, as multiple data points from its Q4 FY15 call on Friday showed.

Besides achieving profitability and positive cash flow (as well as a $3.27 billion cushion in cash and equivalents at the end of FY16), BlackBerry’s software sales grew 24% quarter over quarter to $67 million, as the company won 2,200 customers, including many competitive displacements, said Executive Chairman and CEO, John Chen. They included:

  • Delta Airlines
  • First Great Western trains
  • Dignity Health
  • Tarpon Energy Services
  • The Government of Canada
  • Social Services Administration of Colombia
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau
  • Essar Group (one of the largest conglomerates in India)
  • Sonora Quest Labs
  • Kyocera Mita
  • IMS Health

Specifically in the financial services industry, BlackBerry customer wins included SAIC, HSBC, Citizens Property Insurance, ERGO Insurance Group, Credito Familiar and the United States Government’s Internal Revenue Service (more on that below).

“There are many good things happening in the enterprise,” Chen said. “We are pleased with the progress we’re making.”

Here were six other signs of momentum:

  • Interest in BBM’s enterprise offerings. For instance, 400 customers are trying our new BBM Meetings mobile collaboration app, including many carriers, said Chen (note: we just released the Microsoft Outlook plug-in for BBM Meetings). As for BBM Protected, the secure, encrypted version of our popular mobile messaging app, the United States Government’s IRS is a new paying customer, said Chen.
  • Customer interest in our other enterprise solutions. They include WorkLife, our solution to give enterprises a ‘soft SIM’ card to ease their financial management of employees’ BYOD phones, as well as the just-launched BlackBerry IoT Platform in medical and logistics industries. This builds upon our foundation in the automotive industry, where our closely-related QNX platform is the longtime market leader and has just been used in its 50-millionth car infotainment system.
  • The growth of BBM as a mobile commerce and advertising platform. BBM, which recently hit 100 million installations via the Google Play (Android) store, is already handling 20 billion ad requests per month, said Chen. We have also launched digital goods such as custom PINs (see a good summary of all our activity here).
  • More and more telecom carriers and other partners are selling our software to their enterprise customers. According to Chen, BlackBerry added 300 reseller partners in Q4 alone. For instance, both China Mobile Hong Kong and 3 Hong Kong (the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications) are offering Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing (ESBL) from BlackBerry. This makes it very easy for enterprise customers to get the cost of BES12, our cross-platform enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, integrated into their monthly subscribers’ bills. This eliminates the process of migrating licenses, consolidates their operational costs into a single invoice, and other things that big organization CFOs value.
  • Increasing our investments in our vaunted security. These include building up our already top-notch security team, including the hiring of a new Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher. Read some of his initial thoughts on mobile data security
  • Broad carrier support for our latest smartphones. Chen noted BlackBerry Passport and Classic are being carried in more than 7,000 retail stores by 160 carriers operating in 86 countries – numbers that should only increase, he added. “That is the best carrier support we have seen in a number of years,” he said, benefiting new devices such as the coming all-touch BlackBerry Leap (watch the latest video here).

Read the BlackBerry for Business blog to learn more about BlackBerry’s other recent enterprise news, such as our partnership with Samsung KNOX or our alliance with Google for Android for Work, or our coming BlackBerry Experience Suite for iOS and Android.

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Must Watch: the Latest Official BlackBerry Leap Video


I’m one of the lucky few who get to have my hands on the BlackBerry Leap early – and lucky for you, I’m a sharer, and a fan of clickbait titles (Hoo hah! – Ed.). After about a month with the device, I can easily conclude that if you’re enjoying BlackBerry 10 today and prefer an all-touch form factor – this is THE device to which you want to upgrade.

With camera and BlackBerry Leap in-hand, I’ve created a few simple videos to show you some of the highlight features. Watch above as I take you up close and personal with the latest BlackBerry Leap video.

BlackBerry Leap, Photographer: Donny Halliwell

The new BlackBerry Leap in the wild (on my desk).

I’ve already chronicled recently why this new BlackBerry device is my favorite, and answered some questions about the design. Today, I want to share with you a little bit more about how this affordable, secure 5-inch HD device will keep you productive.

With BlackBerry 10.3.1 built-in, you benefit from the focus we have on our ultra-productive customers. The BlackBerry Leap is built to power you through a full day with up to 25 hours of heavy use, and have your finger on the pulse of everything happening around you via the BlackBerry Hub. With all of your messages from your work, personal, and social media worlds in one simple view alongside your phone calls, text messages, BBMs, and calendars – you are in full control (of course you are) at a glance.

BlackBerry Blend takes these functions one step further, allowing you to access this key information (securely) on your laptop or tablet. I already started explaining how BlackBerry Blend bailed me out of a tight situation. Stay tuned, for the follow-up posts Part 2 & 3 in the series are coming shortly.

There’s more where this came from, so stay tuned to Inside BlackBerry and pre-register for more information on the new BlackBerry Leap.

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BlackBerry Reports Fiscal Q4 Net Profit of $28 Million

Showing signs of a turnaround, the company however saw a slide in revenue from $660 million to $793 million.
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BBM: It’s So Much More than just Messaging

BBM has seen a lot of activity and love over the past year and a half.

To name a few:

BBM has become a richly-featured, multi-channel, cross-platform service. And we’re not done yet.

One of the latest BBM offers gives our Indonesian, South African, Colombian and Nigerian users the chance to win BBM Money and prepaid airtime.

The Great BBM Recruitment Contest

BBM contest dollar

Our friends in Indonesia are in the final stage of their BBM Money contest. If you have entered The Great Indonesian BBM Recruitment Contest, please make sure you visit the redemption website before April 30th to find out if you’ve won the Rp 300.000 in BBM Money, and to redeem your prize.

South Africa, Colombia and Nigeria
All of you folks in South Africa, Colombia, and Nigeria still have time to enter, and it’s so easy!

All you need to do is recruit new BBM users before April 30th and you’ll be automatically entered. It’s that easy, so start adding new BBM contacts today and get talking.

There’s a total of R1,000,000 in South Africa, $200,000,000 in Colombia, and NGN 10,000,000 in Nigeria to win in prepaid airtime.

For more information on the contest details, please visit your local contest websites: South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia

Good luck!

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