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Typically I would usually recommended my readers to use a desktop application for the purpose of article spinning, but there are times when you might want to just use a free web based article spinner to quickly spin an article to a satisfactory level.

Over the years quite a few web based online article rewriter has been released. Many of them could not sustain the server cost as it requires quite a robust server to process the synonym database, but fortunately there are some which are still available for the general users. I have used and tested over 15 free online article rewriter and I am going to list the top 3 free online rewriter which does the job pretty neat.

#1 WordAZ Spinner
WordAZ is the most comprehensive tool in the market and that is why marketers and writers simply love it. WordAZ is the only web based Article spinner with global cloud based synonyms database, which is updated real time. Cool for something that is free! It also has the ability to remove irrelevant synonyms, this is something most other developers have forgotten to add to their article spinners. It is also the only free online article rewriter which has multilingual thesaurus which I haven’t seen in any other article rewriter so far. And did I mention that its incredibly fast and easy to use. Try their absolutely free 3 days version and rewrite as many articles as you want to.

#2 SpinBot Article Rewriter
SpinBot is a Web based automatic article spinner. The best part is its fully automatic and does not require and manual synonym replacement. It also has the ability to ignore words and also you can avoid spinning words which are capitalised. Spinbot recently added a captcha verification to avoid misuse of this wonderful fully automatic online article rewriter. It claims to produce human readable content and I think it does not fall short of its claim. Using Spinbot you can instantly spin a chunk of textual content up to 6000 characters in length, which is about twice as long as an average website or blog article

#3 EzArticleLink Article Spinner
This is definitely one of my favourite, has a very solid synonyms database. Does not require any registration, which I absolutely love. This Online Article Rewriter is very easy to use. Highly recommended. Here is what others have to say about it. “It was the best article spinner and distribution service I had found” The Spin Editor also has a Manual Spin mode. If you prefer the conventional way of spinning, or you want to do nested spinning, you can toggle to the Manual Spin mode in the Spin Editor.Simply select the best alternatives and Right-Click on the mouse to move on to the next spinnable text. That’s all

Article spinning has attracted a lot of debate over the years. Some people swear it works great for them to syndicate their article across the web readers, while others did not have much effect. Let’s not get into this never-ending debate, you are essentially here because you are looking for free online article rewriter.

Free online Article rewriter can come handy when you do not have access to your favourite desktop article rewriter software. I have personally used them while travelling . Free online article rewriter has come as a life saver when you have no access to your personal PC and you just had to spin an article which are human readable and adds valuable information to the readers.

If you have experienced or have heard of better online article rewriter than the ones we have listed here on our list of best Free Online Article Rewriter, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment option below and we would be glad to have a look at it and if found its worth a mention , we will update our article accordingly.


  1. Greg B.

    Thanks for the quick reference .. I’m kind of a cheapskate so this is great for me

    BTW I think there’s something wrong with your spinbot link? It actually goes to another site

    • Pritesh

      Hi Greg, thanks for heads up. Link to SPinbot has been fixed. My apology for the silly mistake.

    • seobotsite

      Hey, i used SpinnerChief which can rewrite one article to 10 unique articles in seconds, really awesome, did you want to try?

  2. spaz

    nice info i prefer to add unique content but use spinner here and there.

    • Roy Buttler

      Which article spinner do you recommend to spun article for essay ?

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  7. John

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  8. Anna Vo

    Thank you. I am finding it to rewite my article. Although they are free, I am happy with them.

  9. Brian

    There is a article spinner site: that is useful, too. You should check it 🙂

    • Pritesh Das

      Thanks Brian. I will have a look at your recommendation.

  10. abdirahim

    very useful article. its difficult to manually rewrite article daily especially if you are doing guest posting. but this online software will help me alot

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    spinner online tools,not good 🙂 btw thanks for information sir…

    • Pritesh Das

      Can you elaborate on this.

  12. Jibon

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  13. marshall

    have you tried –
    I think its pretty decent, i have been using it from long time and i am happy

    • Shreya Mohanty

      Yes I have tried it but their synonyms engine seems to be very limited and obsolete

  14. haleart

    Such a nice article sharing. found something new today and i will try in future. thank you author for sharing such a wonderful article. again thanks a lot.

  15. Cal

    any free or paid spinner for mac

    • Pritesh Das

      There is one called rapidrewriter but its not asuser friendly as it claims to be. I would avoid it. Why not use Vmware ?

      • Anonymous

        Hi Pritesh, great information from you,I have one question to you, Does Google love spun article.Don’t you think little hamper to your content?I am new to content marketing.

        • Pritesh Das

          If you know how to spin an article at not only word level but also on paragraph level, it will be as good at a original written article.

      • Cornelius

        Please Author,can you kindly give me a site of those article spinner? Have tried but error

        • Pritesh Das

          What kind of error are you talking about ?

  16. vicky

    have you tried –
    I think best free online spinner

    • Pritesh Das

      Vicky that looks like a great site . Appreciate your inputs.

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  21. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    Dear Pritesh das,

    Article rewriter list is good. i used those recently. Content professor and spin bot is good. is there any wordpress plugins for article rewriting or article spinning.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    • Pritesh Das

      Have you tried “All Rewriters Plugin” For easy integration with WP ?

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  24. Martin

    Your title states Top 3 Free Online Article Rewriter.
    #1 on your list is $7 for the first week, then $77 per year to use.
    Now, thats not free is it….

    • Pritesh Das

      Martin the #1 we have listed on content professor and they have free subscription.

  25. Nikhil

    Pritesh Das,

    Your article is very nice… I have encountered some issues with content professor. Is it paid tool?? tell me please…..

    • Pritesh Das

      When you say some issues ? What are those. You need to be specific so I can help

      • nikhil

        Whenever I log on to content professor website, it shows a offer to purchase the product…How could I rewrite articles on them free of cost….????????

  26. Sameer

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  27. Anum

    Pleased with your information is very useful but which is the best in three of these mean that can produce a quality human readable content

    • Pritesh Das

      ContentProfessor is the best of the three as it has the best synonym database in my opinion

  28. Rajendra Reddy

    I have tried below two but not satisfied with them, when i write simple article in my own language and try to convert it is converting into a hard core english which no one will understand

    • Pritesh Das

      What do you mean by “in my own language” ? Please elaborate.

  29. Galig Ariya

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    • Pritesh Das

      There is an free as well as paid option. You can always try the 14 days free trial and see if its something that suits your needs.

  31. Kim Karla

    Fantastic list of free online article. The best is that I can use them even on my mac pc since its all online.

  32. arfeen khan

    sir please could you explain what is article submission and how can i do it

    • Pritesh Das

      Well Arfeen article submission is process of creating a quality article and submitting it to various article directories. You can either submit original and unique article to each directory or use article rewriter to create mid-level unique content to each of them.

      • arfeen khan

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      It depends on where you want to use those spun variations. If they are used on a Tier 1 link then 10 is a lot more.

  49. APRIL Speaks

    I’m running google Adsense in my blog. I was wondering if I will not be banned by google if I rewrite a previously published article and post it in my blog?

    • Pritesh Das

      No you wont be banned as long as leave a credit to the original source.

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    I would like to give some suggestions for newbies to use article rewriter tools. If you do not do it carefully, it will hurt you. You can refer to this articles to get some skills when spinning text.

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    • Pritesh Das

      I have not heard or read anything that tells that is unsafe to rewrite articles. So go ahead and use rewritten articles without any worry.

  53. Sammy

    Can i use this to rewrite my school essays ?

    • Pritesh Das

      Sammy yes you can use them as Essay Rewriter. I believe many are already doing that.

  54. Rajiv Shukla

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  61. Article Spinners

    I have to admit WordAZ Spinner is really good for an free automated tool. SpinBot is not bad either. Even though I use automated tools for spinner I use manual tools for rewriting articles. Specially if I need readable stuff.

  62. Cornelius

    I sees your comments but yet to understand a point… Is it that after spinning the article what happens next? Moreover, how can I rewrite mine too? It online editing or a software for system. Am just a beginner, a young blogger. Help plss.

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